7 Ace Success Blueprint

7 Simple Steps To Be A Top Producer


1. Tap Your Inner Potential

The secret strategy that I used to become a top producer


2) 7 'R' Plus Framework

The proven Strategy to help your client profit from their property purchase


3) Digi Shift System

Adopting the use of the latest IT tools to close leads and conduct your business


4) Business Scaling

How to sustainably increase that few small deals to become more deals


5) Area Of Focus

Why FOMO into everything, when you can focus on one thing, and be rich


6) Champs Meet

Leverage on the collective wisdom and diverse knowledge of supportive team members


7) Winning 28

Self accountability roadmap that is dynamic and can be used in all types of property markets

The Winning 28

The Winning 28 is a unique LGD initiative that allows any brand new real estate agent to learn up the business within 28 days.  So that they can confidently reach out to their network and propose property solutions for their clients.  Without missing out on potential business opportunities.

With this roadmap, brand new agents will know which apps to download into their phones and Ipad, and they will know what training sessions and seminars to watch.  And very quickly, they can speak with confidence as though they have many years of experience.

This also helps them avoid getting stuck in “Training Limbo”.  Where they spend months attending all the trainings, before getting overwhelmed on which direction to take.

There is only one goal, and that is to close deals fast.  And the Winning 28 helps you do just that.

7 ‘R’ Plus Framework

This 7 ‘R’ Plus Framework is like the blood that runs in my veins, and the creed that Lynn Gor Division members adhere to.

By having this framework, we as agents, will truly value add to our clients’ lives.  This framework helps mitigate unecessary risks, and increase the profitability in a private property.

Many of my Lynn Gor Division Members have become top performers just by using this simple guide to help their clients select properties.

7 Ace Success Blueprint

Over the years, I have spoken to numerous industry leaders and agents, and found that there isn’t a roadmap or a guide on how to become a successful real estate agent.  In most cases, agents purely focus on what pays the highest commission, rather than the qualities and fundamentals they need to embody in order to have a sustainable business for the years ahead.

It was only after meeting a friend, who claimed that the agency she joined has “the best IT system in the industry”, that I came out with this 7 Ace Success Blueprint.

Even though this friend was well versed with the industry’s “best” IT tools, they only closed 2 deals in that year, and the total comm was less than $50k.  Which led me to believe that having the “best” IT tools is not enough.

So with the support of my division’s seniors, we sat together and with our collective experience and knowledge, we created this step-by-step system that can help anyone who wants to become a top producer.

Business Plan

Failing to plan is planning to fail!

All companies will have an annual business plan, in order to meet the targets set.  Likewise, every real estate agent out there deserves to have a business plan.

However, most agents don’t have a business plan, and many leaders do not advocate the use of having one.  With no goal in sight, and no way of tracking their progress, many are unable to be top producers. 

All Lynn Gor Division members are equipped with a Business Plan template that I use, so that they can monitor their success.

CRM Made Easy

This is one of the secrets to my success.  One of the reasons why I am able to close hundreds of transactions, is because I have a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.  

This CRM system helps me reconnect to my buyers, keep in touch with cold leads who didn’t purchase from me, and to connect with my tenants.

By doing so, I was able to help clients restructure their property portfolio, close the cold leads who didn’t buy from me initially, convert my tenants into buyers, and to get many referrals!

The best thing about this CRM system is that it is FREE!

At Lynn Gor Division, you will be guided on how to set up this easy-to-manage CRM system.

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